Web design made easy

We create websites using WordPress; an open source piece of software created to “enhance the typography of everyday writing” (a quote from them!)
What this means is that, once you have a web domain and a hosting service, we can create a website that should be relatively easy for you to maintain and manage – no need to learn HTML!
Wordpress is very customisable so virtually anything you want can be created. There are a lot of WordPress templates and plugins that are free which means you can get the beautiful website you want for very little cost.

Why not use one the of the free website builders that are out there, I hear you cry? Well, simply put, Your Brand. These builders didn’t create these for the good of mankind – they recoup their money in advertising on your site! Which means if you ever planned to make your website into a revenue stream with adverts, you can’t do it. There are also limited features in the free website builders so things like eCommerce may not be available till you pay. And finally – you’ll look just like loads of other people; why would you not want to stand out from the crowd?
Below are links to my latest four creations; I’m sure you’ll agree they all look quite different to each other and convey that business’s brand and style.

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