Puzzle Jack’s animal facts


2016 sees Design Vision Technology’s newest endeavor; games and apps for Android ™.
Our first game is “Puzzle Jack’s animal facts” which is a fun and educational children’s puzzle game about various animals across the world.
The game concentrates on giving bitesize facts about the featured animals; each one delivered by placing a piece of the animal puzzle in the right place. The puzzles contains between 5 & 8 pieces and each piece has two facts associated with them as well as a snippet of that animal’s noises.
Because today’s games and apps need to ensure the safety of children, this – and all Puzzle Jack’s subsequent games – come with a pledge.

“We will never have ad supported apps or in app purchases; by paying
a small upfront cost for these apps you can rest assured there is no
inappropriate content your child could accidentally open or in app
purchases that could be inadvertently made.”

Expect to see more from Puzzle Jack over coming months as he takes his camera all over the world to find different types of animals — including Predators, Dinosaurs and Reptiles.

Puzzle Jack's Animal Facts